I am a danish freelance photojournalist. These years I live as a travelling photographer and artist. Originally I educated photojournalist at the danish school of journalism and is still working as such on longer term projects, and along the way I added the underwater realm to my photography.



Email adress; Nannakreutzmann@gmail.com

Danish number; +45 25 380 280


2014-15; Exhibition “Underneath the Surface” with Lebanese photographer Toni Haddad, in Darb1718 in Cairo, Egypt

2014: Honorable mention in Sports Reportage in Picture of the Year Denmark for underwaterportrait of Alexey Molchonova, world champion in freediving

2012: Exhibition in Copenhagen Photo Festival, portraits from Tahrir Square

2012: 2nd prize in the Danish Press Photography of the Year 2011 in the category Foreign News Picture story for covering the arabic spring in Tahrir Square, egypt

2011:  Working as staff photographer in the Danish newspaper, Jyllandsposten, in Copenhagen

2011: Exhibition of ”101” in Aros, Aarhus art museum with photographer Sofia Wraber

2009: 1st prize in the Danish Press Photography of the Year 2008 in the category Sports Reportage for a reportage about freediving

2008: Exhibition of ”So Far From God”, a story about migration in Mexico, in the 1st Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism, Hannover, Germany

2007: Exibition of  ”101 Man” in DGI-byen in Copenhagen with photographer Sofia Wraber

2007: Nominated for  UNICEF photoaward for  ”So Far From God”

2007: Nominated Kravling award for ”So Far From God”

2006: Nominated Kravling award for ”101 Man”

2006-2011:  Member of Rockphoto

2004-2006: Internship in the daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende, Copenhagen, Denmark

2003-2007: Bachelor in photojournalism from the Danish School of Journalism, Aarhus, Denmark

2003: Høgskolan for Film och Photography, Göteborg, Sweden

2002: Bachelor in Art History from University of Aarhus, Denmark

1975: Born in Aarhus, Denmark

Languages: Danish, Swedish, English, German and Spanish


more work at;

http://greatphotojournalism.com/nannakreutzmann.html, 100headsarchive.com